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Meet The Team

Dovid Jaffe.jpeg

Rabbi Dovid Jaffe

Shliach and co director of Chabad Lubavitch with his wife Rochel, Rabbi Dovid Jaffe has been running community programs for over 40 years.

Rochelle Jaffe.jpeg

Rochel Jaffe

Shlucha and co director of Chabad Lubavitch. Rochel has an open heart, an open house, and is the proud mother of 13 children, and 4 grandchildren ‘KNH’. 

She is involved with several charities supporting children, youth and people facing life challenges. 


Debbie Ross

Debbie is our engine, our hub, and is the force behind nearly all that goes on at Chabad Lubavitch. She keeps everything running professionally and smoothly.

She is a trained family support worker and addiction support worker and helps many of our walk in clients.


Sivanne Lachs

Sivanne is Manchester born and bred.

She is in her element creating and organising many of the services of Chabad Community Care, such as Garden Singers, monthly gift bags, newsletters, home shopping support, phone buddies, meals on wheels and more!

Sivanne is changing and improving hundreds of lives.


Richard Blackston

Richard has been involved in a wide and varied range of communal activities for over forty years. Having recently retired, he is hoping to be able to use his knowledge and experience to continue to help and support people in the wider Manchester Community.

Other team members

Michelle Haffner, Debbie Horne, Esther Frais

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